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Blood of the Ancients

Estimated Release Date: 5/15/2018
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Archetypes [18]

Aerial Assaulter (Fighter), Aerochemist (Alchemist), Aeromancer (Arcanist), Antiquarian (Investigator), Arcane Warden (Wizard), Chart Caster (Mesmerist), Dwarven Scholar (Bard), Hinyasi (Brawler), Imperial Agent (Vigilante), Ioun Kineticist (Kineticist), Ironbound Sword (Samurai), Jinyiwei (Investigator), Jistkan Artificer (Magus), Jistkan Magistrate (Warpriest), Lawspeaker (Cleric), Poleiheira Adherent (Wizard), Spawn Slayer (Slayer), Tekritanin Arbiter (Investigator)

Bard Masterpieces [3]

Death of Heroes (Oratory, Sing), Song of Sarkoris (Oratory, Sing), The Tragedy of False Hope (Oratory, Sing)

Bloodrager Bloodlines [1]


Feats [16]

Acupuncture Specialist, Aerial Roll, Ancient Tradition, Auspicious Birth, Incredible Healer, Pao-Lung Self-Improvement, Pathologist, Rushing Winds, Saoc Brethren Initiate, Saoc Brethren Scholar, Skyseeker Impact, Skyseeker Style, Skyseeker Thrash, Strength of Obligation, Turbulent Takeoff, Wind Rider

Magic Items (Weapons) [1]

Golem Gauntlet

Magic Items (Wondrous Items) [7]

Chisel of Excavation, Figurine of the Dwarven Forge, Heirloom Seal, Null Spike, Ofuda of Dimensional Warding, Relic of a Virtuous Emperor, Tablet of Arustun

Medium Spirits [1]

Namzaruum (Marshal)

Sorcerer Bloodlines [1]


Spells [8]

Ashen Path, Brightest Night, Mark of Buoyancy, Mnemonic Siphon, Shared Training, Skim, Summon Ship, Symbol of Storms

Traits [19]

Aeromantic Affinity, Ancestral Armor, Arcane Researcher, Brave Words, Clockwork Surgeon, Excellent Penmanship, Exhibition Fighter, Fruits of Your Labor, Jistkan Scholar, Mechanical Aptitude, Natural Flyer, Naturalist, Outsider Enemy, Planar Wayfarer, Rejected Emperor, Sacred Orienteer, Shared Ancestors, Stargazer (Region), Tar Taargadth Trained