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Blood of Fiends

Estimated Release Date: 4/1/2012
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Bard Masterpieces [3]

Melody of Frightful Death (String), The Dance of Kindled Desires (Dance), The Rheumy Refrain (Sing)

Feats [14]

Ancestral Scorn, Banner of Doom, Blinding Sneak Attack, Fiendish Darkness, Fiendish Facade, Fiendish Resilience, Fury of the Tainted, Improved Fiendish Darkness, Improved Fiendish Sorcery, Improved Fury of the Tainted, Monstrous Mask, Reckless Aim, Terrifying Mask, Wicked Valor

Inquisitions [3]

Damnation, Possession, Sin

Oracle Curses [3]

Consumed, Legalistic, Wrecker

Races (Alternate Racial Traits) [11]

Tiefling - Asura-Spawn (Faultspawn), Tiefling - Daemon-Spawn (Grimspawn), Tiefling - Demodand-Spawn (Foulspawn), Tiefling - Demon-Spawn (Pitborn), Tiefling - Devil-Spawn (Hellspawn), Tiefling - Div-Spawn (Spitespawn), Tiefling - Kyton-Spawn (Shackleborn), Tiefling - Oni-Spawn (Hungerseed), Tiefling - Qlippoth-Spawn (the Motherless), Tiefling - Rakshasa-Spawn (Beastbrood), Tiefling - Variant Tiefling Abilities

Sorcerer Bloodlines [1]


Subdomains [3]

Entropy, Fear, Tyranny

Traits [36]

Anticipate Evil, Arms Master, Beast Bully, Bent Body, Big Boned, Blessing of Darkness, Blood Stalker, Born Damned, Buried Anxiety, Chain Master, Dark Magic Affinity, Deadly Rush, Death's Deputy, Ever Wary, Family Connections, Flair for Destruction, Friendless, God Scorn, Inciter (Tiefling), Motherless, Pain Artist, Prayer Breaker, Prideful Temper, Prolong Magic, Repel Sin, Repulsive, Shadow Stabber, Shift the Blame, Soul Eater, Suicidal, Superior Clutch, Tough Skin, Twilight Zeal, Underling, Unearth Secrets, Vile Kiss