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Bastards of Golarion

Estimated Release Date: 2/6/2014
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Archetypes [2]

Averaka Arbiter (Bard), Greensting Slayer (Magus)

Bard Masterpieces [1]

The Canticle of Joy (Sing)

Feats [8]

Betraying Blow, Dirty Trick Master, Divert Harm, Solo Maneuvers, Unusual Heritage (Changeling), Unusual Heritage (Dhampir), Unusual Heritage (Fetchling), Unusual Heritage (Gillman)

Magic Items (Rings) [1]

Ring of Culturemeld

Magic Items (Tattoos) [1]

Kin's Face Tattoo

Magus Arcana [1]

Dark Shifter (Su)

Races (Alternate Racial Traits) [20]

Half-Elf - Aquatic Half-Elves (Shoreborn), Half-Orc - Burning Assurance, Half-Elf - Child of the Sea, Half-Orc - Cliffside Charger, Half-Elf - Cold-Honed, Half-Orc - Darklands Half-Orcs (Gloomkin), Half-Orc - Desert Half-Orcs (Sandkin), Half-Elf - Ekujae Half-Elves (Wildborn), Half-Orc - Evader, Half-Elf - Half-Drow (Darkborn), Half-Elf - Jungle Affinity, Half-Orc - Jungle Half-Orcs (Rainkin), Half-Elf - Mordant Envoy, Half-Elf - Mordant Spire Half-Elves (Spireborn), Half-Orc - Mountain Half-Orcs (Cragkin), Half-Elf - Snowcaster Half-Elves (Snowborn), Half-Elf - Thinblood Resistance, Half-Orc - Unflinching Valor, Half-Orc - Warded Skin, Half-Orc - Winter Half-Orcs (Frostkin)

Traits [30]

Adaptable Flatterer, Aerial Observer, Azlanti Inheritor, Chip on the Shoulder, Creative Manipulator, Curse in the Blood, Cynical Ear, Doublespeak, Elven Serenity, Expert Smuggler, Fiery Glare, Finish the Fight, Friends in Low Places, Heart of Two Worlds, Improvised Defense, Iron Control, Marked by Unknown Forces, Martyr's Blood, Open-Minded Explorer, Overwhelming Beauty, Practiced Impression, Rest for the Wicked, Signature Moves, Spell Duel Prodigy, Stoic Dignity, Tempter's Tongue, Trade Talk, Undead Slayer, Undine Loyalty, Whole-Hearted