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Agents of Evil

Estimated Release Date: 12/16/2015
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Afflictions - Poisons [6]

Bloodpyre, Dreaming death, Gray justice, Ragespittle, Scholarblight, Widow's kiss

Alchemist Discoveries [1]

Hellfire Bomb*

Archetypes [3]

Appeaser (Cleric), Devil Impostor (Summoner (Unchained)), Insinuator (Antipaladin)

Barbarian Rage Powers [2]

Bloody Bite (Ex), Feasting Bite (Ex)

Feats [16]

Aspis Partner, Associate, Betrayed, Coven Caster, Cursed Love, Dead Inside, Gruesome Butcher, Otherworldly Influence, Overachiever, Pathfinder Society Ally, Red Mantis Collaborator, Smiting Reversal, Sunder Blessing, Sycophant, Whispering Way Disciple, Wretched Curator

Magic Items (Armor) [4]

Bloodthirsty, Deceiving, Malevolent, Weeping

Magic Items (Necrotoxins) [2]

Ghost Syrup, Memento Mori

Magic Items (Weapons) [8]

Closing Offer, Fiend's Relief, Grave Marker Arrow, Injecting, Miserable, Snakebite, Toxic, Withershot

Magic Items (Wondrous Items) [9]

Anaphexis Robe, Ebony Bolero, Feller's Belt, Imperious Headband, Ioun Spite Bracers, Life-Reading Eyes, Mantis Embrace, Meduseion, Mockingskull

Magus Arcana [1]

Vision-Clouding Strike

Races (Alternate Racial Traits) [5]

Drow - Champion of Dark Powers, Changeling - Hag Magic, Half-Orc - Hatred, Tiefling - Smite Good, Fetchling - Unnerving Gaze

Rogue Talents [1]

Grazing Shot (Ex)

Spells [12]

Blood Tentacles, Caustic Safeguard, Coward's Cowl, Detect Fiendish Presence, Devil Snare, Dream Dalliance, Enticing Adulation, Furious Fire Barrage, Golden Guise, Punishing Armor, Shadow Endurance, Unholy Ward

Traits [17]

Arcane Prodigy, Back for More, Bitter Heart, Broken, Not Beaten, Carnal Attraction, Cruel Rager, Enduring Heritage, For the Money, Lasting Ferociousness, Less Effort, Low Blow, Magic in the Blood, Malign Instrument, Poisonous Upbringing, Shadow Stalker, Unbalanced Insight, Weathered