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Variant: Mobile Melee

Source Pathfinder Unchained pg. 111
This variant modification to removing iterative attacks allows a character greater mobility during a melee full attack rather than forcing them to stay put. When a character declares a melee full attack, she can also declare she will move before or after the attacks, up to a maximum of her movement speed. For every 5 feet she moves beyond the first 5 feet, she takes a –5 penalty on her attack roll for the purposes of determining extra hits only. Apply this penalty after determining whether she hits at least once.

The character can attempt an Acrobatics check to reduce this penalty by an amount equal to the result of her Acrobatics check divided by 5. No matter how high her Acrobatics check result may be, she can’t reduce the penalty below –2 per 5 feet moved beyond the first 5 feet.

Characters with the Spring Attack feat can move before, after, and in between the attacks when using this option, and they reduce the penalty to –4 for every 5 feet moved beyond the first 5 feet.