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Variant Contracts

Source Book of the Damned pg. 202
Before exploring the intricacies of the infernal contract, it should be noted that other fiends are often willing to enter into contracts with mortals as well. Lawful evil fiends are generally the most trustworthy in this regard. Neutral evil fiends usually honor a contract as long as they get something out of the bargain or feel like they come out ahead, while chaotic evil fiends will almost always look to cheat or blatantly disregard the wording of a contract. All contracts with non-devil fiends carry with them a markedly increased level of risk to the mortal, and in many cases, the only possible outcome of such a foolish endeavor is the forfeiture of the mortal’s soul—yet there are always extenuating circumstances that make the forging of such a risky contract a viable (or perhaps the only) option. For example, a king might agree to sign a contract with a powerful demon, knowing full well that the demon will break the contract, yet if signing the contract can buy even a few extra hours for a group of adventurers to attempt a desperate gambit to save the kingdom, such a sacrifice may be worth it in the end. How a non-devil fiend honors a contract is generally left up to the GM, but the basic mechanics work as for infernal contracts.