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Using Followers

Source Ultimate Campaign pg. 80
The Leadership feat can grant you followers—people loyal to you who assist you if they are able. In the downtime system, followers provide additional Influence or Labor to supplement your activities at no cost to you. This increases the effect of Influence or Labor you spend by 50%, to a maximum of 1 additional Influence or Labor for every 2 followers in the settlement where the downtime activity takes place.

Example: Alice’s character has a Leadership score of 10, and 4 of his 5 followers live in Sandpoint. Assistance from her followers can provide a maximum of 2 (1/2 of 4) points of Influence or Labor when she takes downtime actions in Sandpoint. If Alice spends 2 points of Influence or Labor, it counts as 2 × 50% = 3; if she spends 6 points of Influence or Labor, however, it counts as 8, because the maximum increase her 4 followers can provide is 2.

Under certain circumstances, the GM may rule that followers provide less of a benefit than the standard 50% increase. For example, if your followers live in a different settlement and must travel to your location, but bandit activity makes travel risky or they have been away from home for a week or more, the GM might decide that your followers increase the effect of Influence or Labor by only 1 for every 3 followers or even 1 for every 4. Your followers are loyal to you, but they are not slaves and can provide only so much help before they go about their normal lives.