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Theater Events

Source Ultimate Campaign pg. 127
01-10Rave review
11-25Full house
26-35Visiting troupe
56-70Poor performance
71-90Prima donna
91-95Cursed play
96-100House fire

Cursed Play: Something has cursed your Theater or its current production. Perhaps an actor quoted a line from an unlucky play, or the script has the power to drive people mad. Attempt a DC 25 Perform check each day. If you fail, the Theater generates no capital that day. If you succeed, the curse and the event end.

Full House: Your Theater is packed—an excellent opportunity to impress people. You gain a +20 bonus on the building’s next check to generate capital. Attempt a DC 25 Perform check. If you succeed, word of the performance spreads and you gain 1d4 points of Influence. If you fail, there’s a 50% chance that a poor performance event occurs.

House Fire: Treat this as a fire event from the Generic Building Events section, except there is a 50% chance of a minor fire and a 50% chance of a major fire. Increase any lost capital from the event by 50%.

Poor Performance: Everyone has off nights, but your entire cast is missing cues and flubbing lines. You lose 2d4 points of Influence from bad reviews and 1d3 points of Labor from performers who quit out of shame.

Prima Donna: One of your performers is particularly temperamental today. You can assuage the performer’s ego with a DC 25 Bluff or Diplomacy check. Otherwise, the performer demands last-minute changes and makes ridiculous demands of the support staff. You lose 1d4 points of Goods and take a –5 penalty on all checks relating to this building for 1d6 days.

Rave Reviews: Your Theater has done well, and great reviews pour in. You gain 1d6 points of Influence.

Shenanigans: This event is similar to the shenanigans event from the Tavern Events section, though those involved in Theater shenanigans tend to be wealthier and more prominent. If you succeed at a DC 30 Bluff or Diplomacy check, you treat the incident with the proper discretion—you gain 1d6 points of Influence and someone involved gives you a tip of 10d10 gp for your tact.

Visiting Troupe: A group of traveling players asks to perform at your Theater. On the first day after this event, the players require full access to your Theater. Since you can’t be open to the public, the building generates no capital that day. The troupe remains for 1d4 days, and on those days you gain a +20 bonus on the building’s first check to generate capital each day. If the troupe is present when an event at the Theater makes you lose Labor, the troupe leaves early.