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Temple Events

Source Ultimate Campaign pg. 126
01Major miracle
02-05Sacred ritual
06-25Ceremony request
26-35Important visitor
36-75Healing request
76-80Minor miracle
96-100Roll on the Monastery Events table

Ceremony Request: A local person with a good reputation or high social rank has requested a special ceremony from your Temple—a wedding, funeral, blessing for a new business venture, or other service chosen by the GM. Attempt a DC 20 Knowledge (religion) check. If you succeed, the ceremony is particularly well received and you gain 1d3 points of Influence and 2d20 gp in donations.

Healing Request: Someone has been hurt, has fallen ill, or is otherwise in need of magical healing. You can perform the healing yourself by expending 1d4 spell levels worth of healing spells, or by spending 1d6 points of Magic. If you perform the healing for free, you gain 2d4 points of Influence. If you charge for the healing, your building gains a +20 bonus on its next check to generate capital.

Important Visitor: A cleric, inquisitor, paladin, or other notable holy person associated with your faith or an allied faith visits your Temple. If you succeed at a DC 20 Diplomacy check, the visitor stays 1d8 days. Each day the visitor remains, you gain 1 point of Influence and the building gains a +5 bonus on its first check to generate capital each day.

Major Miracle: A major miracle occurs at your Temple or to one of its faithful, such as recovering from a terminal illness, permanent blindness, or another debilitating affliction. You gain 2d4 points of Influence, and for 1d6 days you and all allies who worship your deity gain a +2 sacred bonus on Fortitude and Will saving throws. You may also tread this as a sacred ritual event.

Minor Miracle: A minor miracle occurs at your Temple or to one of its faithful in the form of a vision, good omen, unexpected recovery from sickness, or the like. You gain 1d4 points of Influence, and for 1d4 days you and all allies who worship your deity gain a +2 sacred bonus on Fortitude or Will saving throws (choose one).

Sacred Ritual: A ritual sacred to your faith is performed today at your Temple. Spend 2d4 points of Magic and attempt a DC 20 Knowledge (religion) check—if you succeed, faith runs high and you can choose one of the following effects to persist for 1d6 days: the building gains a +10 bonus on all checks (but only one check to generate capital per day), you gain a +2 bonus on one type of skill check, or you may prepare an additional domain spell of your highest domain spell level each day.

Scandal: This is the same as the scandal event for a Monastery, except a Temple scandal lasts for 1d8 days. There’s a 10% chance the scandal involves the influence of a rival faith, in which case you gain a rivalry as well (see Generic Building Events) .