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Tavern Events

Source Ultimate Campaign pg. 125
01-15Drinking contest
31-50Bar brawl
51-65Rousing performance
66-75Protection racket
76-85Notorious visitor
86-100Taproom trouble

Bar Brawl: One insult against someone’s lineage or beard or beauty, and the next thing you know, there’s a fight! Word of the brawl helps spread your Tavern’s infamy—you gain 1d4 points of Influence. Attempt a DC 20 Intimidate check. If you fail, you lose 1d3 points of Goods, Labor, and Magic (divided as the GM chooses) because of damage to your building.

Drinking Contest: Two patrons challenge each other to a drinking contest. They demand the good stuff in order to make the contest count. Your building gains a +10 bonus on its next check to generate capital. There is a 25% chance this event happens again the next day.

Notorious Visitor: A well-known criminal, evil adventurer, or known local troublemaker visits your Tavern with his cronies. There’s a 50% chance the visitor starts a bar brawl (as the event above). Otherwise, his presence causes regulars to leave, halving the capital the building generates during the next Income phase. At the GM’s discretion, this event could lead to more difficulties with the visitor if he feels you treat him poorly.

Protection Racket: This is the same as the protection racket event from the Shop Events section.

Rousing Performance: A talented bard gives a rousing performance at your Tavern, delighting your customers. You gain 1d3 points of Influence, your building gains a +20 bonus on its next check to generate capital, and there’s a 25% chance the bard’s performance triggers a shenanigans event (see below).

Shenanigans: In some businesses shenanigans would be considered a scandal, but in a Tavern these ribald activities are a boon. Perhaps someone important met with a prostitute, or maybe someone’s spouse got a little friendly with an employee. Attempt a Bluff or Diplomacy check (DC equals 20 + 1d6). If you succeed, you treat the incident with the proper discretion; you gain 1d4 points of Influence and someone involved gives you a tip of 1d20 gp for your tact. If you fail, there are no negative repercussions for you or your business.

Taproom Trouble: Something’s gone bad in the kitchen. Foul beer, bad fish, spoiled stew—whatever the cause is, it’s making the customers sick. You can avoid any negative repercussions by spending 1d2 points of Magic on potions or medicinal elixirs or succeeding at a DC 20 Heal check. Otherwise, bad word of mouth costs you 2d6 points of Influence, and for the next 2d6 days the building takes a –5 penalty on checks to generate capital.