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Step 6: Gear

Source PRPG Core Rulebook pg. 453
After recording all of the NPC’s class features, the next step is to outfit the character with gear appropriate to his level. Note that NPCs receive less gear than PCs of an equal level. If an NPC is a recurring character, his gear should be selected carefully. Use the total gp value found on Table 14–9 to determine how much gear he should carry. NPCs that are only scheduled to appear once can have a simpler gear selection. Table 14–9 includes a number of categories to make it easier to select an NPC’s gear. When outfitting the character, spend the listed amount on each category by purchasing as few items as possible. Leftover gold from any category can be spent on any other category. Funds left over at the end represent coins and jewelry carried by the character.

Note that these values are approximate and based on the values for a campaign using the medium experience progression and a normal treasure allotment. If your campaign is using the fast experience progression, treat your NPCs as one level higher when determining their gear. If your campaign is using the slow experience progression, treat the NPCs as one level lower when determining their gear. If your campaign is high fantasy, double these values. Reduce them by half if your campaign is low fantasy. If the final value of an NPC’s gear is a little over or under these amounts, that’s okay.

Weapons: This includes normal, masterwork, and magic weapons, as well as magic staves and wands used by spellcasters to harm their enemies. For example, a wand of scorching ray would count as a weapon, but a staff of life would count as a piece of magic gear.

Protection: This category includes armor and shields, as well as any magic item that augments a character’s Armor Class or saving throws.

Magic: This category includes all other permanent magic items. Most rings, rods, and wondrous items fit into this category.

Limited Use: Items that fall into this category include alchemical items, potions, scrolls, and wands with few charges. Charged wondrous items fall into this grouping as well.

Gear: Use the amount in this category to purchase standard nonmagical gear for the character. In most cases, this equipment can be omitted during creation and filled in as needed during play. You can assume that the character has whatever gear is needed for him to properly use his skills and class abilities. This category can also include jewelry, gems, or loose coins that the NPC might have on his person.

Table 14-9: NPC Gear

Basic LevelHeroic LevelTotal gp ValueWeaponsProtectionMagicLimited UseGear
1260 gp50 gp130 gp40 gp40 gp
21390 gp100 gp150 gp40 gp100 gp
32780 gp350 gp200 gp80 gp150 gp
431,650 gp650 gp800 gp100 gp200 gp
542,400 gp900 gp1,000 gp300 gp200 gp
653,450 gp1,400 gp1,400 gp450 gp200 gp
764,650 gp2,350 gp1,650 gp450 gp200 gp
876,000 gp2,700 gp2,000 gp500 gp600 gp200 gp
987,800 gp3,000 gp2,500 gp1,000 gp800 gp500 gp
10910,050 gp3,500 gp3,000 gp2,000 gp1,050 gp500 gp
111012,750 gp4,000 gp4,000 gp3,000 gp1,250 gp500 gp
121116,350 gp6,000 gp4,500 gp4,000 gp1,350 gp500 gp
131221,000 gp8,500 gp5,500 gp5,000 gp1,500 gp500 gp
141327,000 gp9,000 gp8,000 gp7,000 gp2,500 gp500 gp
151434,800 gp12,000 gp10,500 gp9,000 gp2,800 gp500 gp
161545,000 gp17,000 gp13,500 gp11,000 gp3,000 gp500 gp
171658,500 gp19,000 gp18,000 gp16,000 gp4,000 gp1,500 gp
181775,000 gp24,000 gp23,000 gp20,000 gp6,500 gp1,500 gp
191896,000 gp30,000 gp28,000 gp28,000 gp8,000 gp2,000 gp
2019123,000 gp40,000 gp35,000 gp35,000 gp11,000 gp2,000 gp
20159,000 gp55,000 gp40,000 gp44,000 gp18,000 gp2,000 gp