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Stable Events

Source Ultimate Campaign pg. 125
01-15Famous visitor
16-30Emergency request
31-45Crazed horse
81-95Horse thieves
96-100Stable fire

Crazed Horse: One of the horses in your Stable goes berserk—perhaps it smells a predator, it dislikes another horse, or someone tried to steal it and fled. You must attempt a DC 25 Handle Animal, Ride, or wild empathy check to calm the horse down. If you fail, the horse runs amok, costing you 1d3 points of Goods and 1d2 points of Influence, and there’s a 25% chance of having an immediate runaway event (see below).

Emergency Request: A desperate soldier, messenger, or traveler comes to you with an emergency request—she needs to borrow one or several of the horses in your Stable. If you agree to the request, you gain 1d6 points of Influence but will be short on horses for 2d4 days, during which time your building takes a –5 penalty on checks to generate capital. If you ignore the request, the event ends with no penalty or cost to you.

Famous Visitor: A well-known ranger, a messenger for a king, or someone of equal import stables a mount in your building. If you succeed at a DC 20 Handle Animal check, you impress the visitor enough to gain 1d4 points of Influence as she spreads the word of the quality of your stabling. If you roll a 4 on the 1d4 roll, you instead gain 3 points of Influence and 1 point of Magic.

Horse Thieves: Thieves attempt to steal some of your horses. You can immediately spend 1d4 points of Influence to negate this attempt. Otherwise, attempt a DC 25 Intimidate or Perception check. If you succeed, your building’s defenses work, the thieves are caught, and you gain 1d2 points of Influence. If you fail, you lose 1d4 points of Goods and 1d4 points of Influence. The GM may allow you to pursue or track down the thieves as an adventure hook.

Predators: Wild animals or monsters have snuck into your Stable. This could be something as minor as a few giant rats or a wild dog, or as major as a wyvern or young dragon (the GM chooses the creature). You must defend your Stable against the predators in combat or you lose 1d6 points of Goods and 1d4 points of Influence.

Runaway: One or more horses in your Stable wander off or run away. Attempt a DC 25 Perception or Survival check to track the horses down. If you fail, you lose 1d6 points of Influence and for the next 1d4 days this building takes a –5 penalty on checks to generate capital.

Stable Fire: Treat this as the fire event from the Generic Building Events section. If it is a minor fire, there is also a 50% chance that your Stable also has a crazed horse event.