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Smithy Events

Source Ultimate Campaign pg. 124
Special request
Unforeseen masterwork
Exotic metal
Valuable ore
Roll on the Shop Events table
Forge waste
Supply problems
Forced commission
Deadly accident

Deadly Accident: This is the same as the deadly accident event from Generic Building Events, except that there is also a 25% chance that the accident starts a fire (as the fire event in same section).

Exotic Metal: A supplier offers to sell you a small amount of cold iron, mithral, or adamantine (up to 1,000 gp worth) at a 20% discount. You may spend Goods, Magic, or gp to pay for this metal.

Forced Commission: A government official requires a specific commission, but refuses to pay for the service, claiming it is your duty to support the government. If you comply with this demand, completing the work takes 1d4 days, and the building generates no income for that period of time. If you resist, the official goes elsewhere, and you lose 1d6 points of Influence.

Forge Waste: An employee ruins some equipment or refined metal. Attempt a DC 30 Craft check appropriate to your Smithy. If you succeed, you are able to salvage much of the metal and only lose 1 point of Goods. If you fail, you lose 1d3 points of Goods.

Special Request: A famous hero, noble, military commander, or similar notable comes to your Smithy with a special request for an unusual or masterwork item— perhaps manacles, a cage, exotic barding, or a replacement piece for an iron golem. For 1d4 days, as payments come in for the request, your building gains a +20 bonus on its first check to generate capital each day. At the end of this period, attempt a DC 30 Craft check of the appropriate type. On a success, your Smithy has done so well on the request that the customer spreads the word of your skill and you gain 1d6 points of Influence.

Supply Problems: Your suppliers have a problem—a road is washed out, bandits are thick in the wilds, or an important caravan has been attacked by a monster. In any event, your necessary supplies are running low. You lose 1d3 points of Goods, and for 1d4 days this building takes a –5 penalty on its checks to generates capital.

Unforeseen Masterwork: Normally, it takes focus, time, and skill to forge a masterwork object, but by chance one of your workers manages to produce one accidentally. You gain 1d10 × 10 gp or 1d10 points of Goods (your choice) for the sale of this item.

Valuable Ore: Your suppliers send a particularly fine shipment of iron ore or steel bars. You gain 1d4 points of Goods. There’s a 5% chance that the supplier also included precious metals or gemstones worth 5d20 gp by mistake. If you give these back to the supplier instead of keeping them, you gain 1d6 points of Influence.