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Reserve Army

Source Ultimate Campaign pg. 246
The costs in this section assume an active, deployed army. You may instead convert an army into a reserve army, placing it in a settlement. This reduces the Consumption cost for the army to once per month (or kingdom turn) instead of once per week. A commander has to spend only 3 days per month with a reserve army to remain active with it. The Morale penalty for an absent commander happens every month instead of every week.

The size of an army you can put in reserve depends on the buildings you have available in the settlement. A Watchtower can hold a Small or smaller reserve army, a Barracks can hold Medium or smaller, a Castle can hold Large or smaller, and a Garrison Huge or smaller. A Gargantuan or Colossal army can’t be put in reserve— it must remain deployed (though it can be indefinitely deployed in one of your own hexes). A Temple counts as a Watchtower for the purpose of holding special religious troops (clerics, druids, inquisitors, or paladins), and a Cathedral counts as a Barracks in those cases. You may split an army (see Splitting an Army) to allow you to divide its units among several buildings.

If you move the army outside the settlement, it immediately counts as an active army and the costs must be paid per week as normal.