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Positive Ranks

Source Ultimate Intrigue pg. 109
At these ranks, an organization either doesn’t care about the PCs or considers them allies.

Unknown (Rank 0): The organization either doesn’t know who the PCs are, or does not believe they are relevant.

Known Ally (Rank 1): The PCs’ actions have proven that they are aligned with the organization’s goals. One or more PCs may be low-ranking members.

Respected (Rank 2): The PCs have performed significant services for the organization. Some low-ranking members of the organization look up to the PCs. One or more PCs are members of the organization in good standing.

Admired (Rank 3): Average organization members admire the PCs. Some low-ranking members may have strong loyalties to the PCs. The PCs have notable positions within the organization.

Revered (Rank 4): While the PCs are not the official leaders of the organization, they are key members. The PCs can direct and shape policy.