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Magical Academy Events

Source Ultimate Campaign pg. 121
01-10Unexpected grant
11-20Student discovery
21-40Roll on the Military Academy Events table
41-45Bitter student
46-70Magical waste
71-80Experiment amok
91-100Hazing gone wrong

Bitter Student: Whether the pupil is dissatisfied with a grade or was expelled and now holds a grudge, this student has it in for your academy. The bitter student is adept at hiding out—he could be anyone! Until you expose the bitter student, each time you’d roll an event for this building, you must roll twice, and the GM chooses the worse of the two results. When you roll this event, immediately roll twice on the Generic Building Events table, and the GM chooses which of the two possible events occurs. You can try to find and expose the student once per day by attempting a DC 30 Perception check. The DC lowers by 1 for each prior failure as you get closer to identifying the culprit. The bitter student is exposed automatically if you reroll this event as either of your two rolls.

Experiment Amok: A student’s experiment has broken loose! This is a monster chosen by the GM, with a CR equal to your average party level—usually a construct, outsider, or even an undead, though your favored type of magic may mean other kinds of creatures are possible. You must defeat the monster in combat (your students flee the creature, but other PCs may help you defeat it if they are present). At the end of each combat round the monster remains alive, its rampage deals damage to the building, costing 1 point of Goods, Magic, or Labor (chosen randomly each time).

Explosion: Treat this as the explosion event for the Alchemist building.

Hazing Gone Wrong: One of your students is the victim of a cruel prank at the hands of the other students. The hazing event is shameful and dangerous, and you lose 1d6 points of Influence as the community learns of it. You must succeed at a DC 20 Heal or Spellcraft check to help the student. If you fail the check, the student dies or is permanently maimed, and you lose another 2d6 points of Influence, 1d6 points of Labor, and 1d3 points of Magic in dealing with the repercussions of the hazing.

Student Discovery: A student makes an unexpected discovery. You gain 1d3 points of Magic.

Magical Waste: A student ruins some equipment or wastes some magic. You lose 1d3 points of Magic.

Unexpected Grant: Your academy has attracted the right kind of attention. You gain 2d4 points of Goods, and the building gains a +10 bonus on its next check to generate capital.