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Magic Traits

Source Occult Adventures pg. 237
Magic—particularly psychic magic—behaves in odd ways within a mindscape. In addition to the options below, see the Psychic Duels section for further discussion on how magic works in binary mindscapes during psychic duels.

Normal Magic: In an immersive mindscape where magic behaves normally, characters and creatures can use spells, spell-like abilities, and magic items as they normally would. Spells are consumed and charges or consumables are spent. Damage dealt by magic is real, and the real-world body suffers accordingly if the mindscape is harmful. However, any magic that requires physical manipulation (such as drinking a potion) might not behave in the expected manner (the character could “drink” the potion and discover that nothing happens). Some divination magic might provide strange or nonsensical information if it is providing details on what is going on in the real world while the caster’s mind believes it is elsewhere. When a creature emerges from a mindscape, any magic it used while within has been consumed.

Dead Magic: Magic might not work at all within a mindscape. The effort to summon and manipulate the energies required to set off the magic can be blocked, prevented from reaching through the psychic barrier of the creature or thing that created the mindscape. In such cases, the mindscape may or may not create false-positive results in an attempt to fool those trapped within (for example, making healing magic seem to work when it actually doesn’t function). Whatever results occur within the mindscape, creatures emerge without having expended any magic. The sole exception is that psychic spells specifically designed to manipulate a mindscape work even in mindscapes with dead magic, and are expended normally.

Altered Magic: Magic might behave very differently within a mindscape—use the rules for the enhanced, impeded, limited, or wild planar magic traits.