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Magic Device Trap Cost

Source PRPG Core Rulebook pg. 423
Building a magic device trap involves the expenditure of gp and requires the services of a spellcaster. Table 13–5 summarizes the cost information for magic device traps. If the trap uses more than one spell (for instance, a sound or visual trigger spell in addition to the main spell effect), the builder must pay for them all (except alarm, which is free unless it must be cast by an NPC).

The costs derived from Table 13–5 assume that the builder is casting the necessary spells himself (or perhaps some other PC is providing the spells for free). If an NPC spellcaster must be hired to cast them, those costs must be factored in as well (see Chapter 6).

A magic device trap takes 1 day to construct per 500 gp of its cost.

Table 13-5: Cost Modifiers for Magic Device Traps

FeatureCost Modifier
Alarm spell used in trigger
One-Shot Trap
 Each spell used+50 gp × caster level × spell level
 Material components+ material component costs
Automatic Reset Trap
 Each spell used+500 gp × caster level × spell level
 Material components+material component costs × 100