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Library Events

Source Ultimate Campaign pg. 120
01-30Pile of books
31-45Famous writer
46-50Strange visitor
51-55Rare find
71-75Bookworm infestation
76-100Stolen books

Bookworm Infestation: Your Library has become infested with the bane of the printed page—bookworms. You lose 1 point each of Goods and Magic. Proceed as if this were the infestation event from the Generic Building Events section, except that you lose 1 point each of Goods and Magic each day the infestation persists.

Famous Writer: A famous writer wants to use your Library for research for 2d6 days. Each day the writer remains, you gain 1 point of Influence. The writer leaves early if any event causes you to lose Goods or Magic. If the writer leaves early, you must succeed at a DC 20 Bluff or Diplomacy check to avoid losing twice the amount of Influence you gained from the visiting writer because of negative rumors.

Fire: A fire breaks out. See the fire event in Generic Building Events. This is always a major fire.

Pile of Books: Your Library has the chance to acquire a large number of books. These could come from an estate sale, ally, or adventurers who found old tomes in a dungeon. Attempt a DC 25 Bluff or Diplomacy check. On a success, the owner donates the books; on a failure, you may purchase them by paying 100 gp for each point by which you failed the check. If you attain the books either way, you gain 1d2 points of Goods and 1d2 points of Magic.

Rare Find: Attempt a DC 25 Knowledge check (with your choice of knowledge skill). If you succeed, you discover a rare book owned by someone who doesn’t understand its significance. You may either purchase the book for 2d6 gp to gain 1d4 points of Magic and 1d2 points of Influence, or inform the book’s owner of the truth to instead gain 2d6 points of Influence. If you buy the book, there’s a 5% chance it contains a randomly determined magic scroll.

Stolen Books: Thieves have stolen several of your most important books! The Library gains the broken condition until it is repaired or the stolen books are recovered (in which case the GM should create an encounter suitable for your level to represent the thieves).

Strange Visitor: A strange visitor comes to your Library in search of books that you fear contain dangerous knowledge. You can turn him away with a successful DC 25 Diplomacy or Intimidate check, but doing so could anger him—5% of the time, such strange visitors are powerful creatures in disguise who resort to violence to get what they want. Allowing the visitor to peruse your Library’s resources might have unfortunate future repercussions, at the GM’s discretion.