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Instigating a Psychic Duel

Source Occult Adventures pg. 201
A psychic spellcaster creates a binary mindscape when a target fails its save against instigate psychic duel. The caster’s and target’s minds are then merged in a psychic duel within that mindscape until either the spell’s duration ends or the psychic duel reaches its conclusion. If the duel begins during combat, each of the dueling characters retains its initiative order and the psychic duel goes on in conjunction with the initial combat.

If the duel begins outside combat, the initiator can take a swift action to create a supernatural effect called a psychic manifestation upon entering the binary mindscape, before her opponent’s first turn.

While locked in a psychic duel, the combatants’ physical bodies become unresponsive. They retain their positions, but they can take no actions and lose their Dexterity bonuses to Armor Class for the duration of the duel.