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Gravity Traits

Source Occult Adventures pg. 237
The creator or controller of a mindscape determines whether gravity exists in that mindscape, and if it does, how strongly it exerts its pull.

Normal Gravity: Gravity functions just as it does on the Material Plane.

Light Gravity: Gravity’s effect is reduced, and creatures can jump, fly, and lift heavy objects with less effort.

Heavy Gravity: Gravity’s effect is increased, and creatures find that jumping, flying, and lifting objects require more exertion.

No Gravity: Gravity does not exist, and objects float in space wherever they are in relation to one another, unless they’re set in motion by someone, in which case they travel in a straight line at a constant rate of speed until they collide with another object or a creature somehow changes their motion.

Subjective Gravity: Gravity functions however each individual wishes it, relative to that individual. Thus, if one creature stands on the floor of a parlor, while another envisions the ceiling of that same room as being “down” and stands upon that surface, each would experience gravity differently and see the other as “overhead” and “upside down.”