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Divination Poem

Source Ultimate Intrigue pg. 163
The GM composes a poem for Kyra to represent the information imparted to her by her deity.

 The flame of passion, that which brightest burns,
 Of love and hatred treasured or betrayed,
 We chip away at every wall in turns,
 Not thwarted is the payment, just delayed.
 In blackened yawn near the first hungry pyre,
 Twin sleepers lie, once foul but later fair,
 Dark beauty gleams the prisons two to break,
 No loyalty, no love except to take.

Interpretation: When read aloud, the first line of the poem contains a homophone of the word “witch.” The verse references the witchfire’s escape when the wall of the tomb was chipped away. The witchfire’s vengeance, or payment as the poem describes it, has just been delayed. The cave mouth is a blackened yawn, and the “first” pyre is the one where the hag was burned, though the PCs might go to the first arson as a red herring before they realize this, except perhaps by using additional clues from Ezren’s vision below. The twin sleepers in prisons of dark beauty are the sisters’ souls trapped in black sapphires; freeing them from their magical prisons would weaken the witchfire substantially. The final line hints at the story of betrayal between the sisters, and of how the witchfire only gained their cooperation by taking it forcefully.