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Direct Pursuits and Tracking

Source Ultimate Intrigue pg. 143
In a direct pursuit, the pursuers need to attempt a Survival check at the start of each pursuit phase in order to make any progress at all. A failure means they have lost the trail and must spend that hour trying to find it. Success means the pursuers progress at their speed for that phase. The base DC is either 5, 10, 15, or 20, depending on the type of ground dominant in the terrain tile (very soft, soft, firm, or hard, respectively; see the Survival skill for more details). This DC increases by 1 for every day behind the quarries, but it decreases by 1 for every three members in the quarry group.

The pursuing group has one main tracker, but other members can assist using the aid another action. Any pursuer participating in tracking (either as the main tracker or assisting) halves her personal progress for that pursuit phase. If the tracking pursuer has a much greater speed than the slowest member of his group, this might not lower the group’s progress.