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Dance Hall Events

Source Ultimate Campaign pg. 117
01-25Famous dancer
26-35Heart's desire
36-55Ballroom magic
56-70Sweaty pox
71-85Fiendish skill
86-95Accursed lounge
96-100Wild night

Accursed Lounge: One of the lounges is rumored to be cursed, and it’s affecting business. While the curse persists (whether it is real or imagined), the building’s generated currency is reduced by half, but any day that it generates at least 3 points of Influence there is a 25% chance that it also generates 1 point of Magic. You may end this event by spending 2 points of Influence and 1 of Magic, or by casting bless, break enchantment, or remove curse on the room.

Ballroom Magic: An enthusiastic local spellcaster offers to use magic to temporarily enhance your employees’ appeal and skills. If you spend 1d2 points of Magic, the building gains a +10 bonus on checks to generate gp or Influence for the next 2d6 days.

Heart’s Desire: A local noble wants to elope with one of your dancers. If you give permission for this, attempt a Diplomacy check and (whether you succeed or fail) multiply the result × 5 gp to determine your profits in terms of bribes and jewelry. If you refuse, you must succeed at a DC 20 Diplomacy or Intimidate check to avoid losing 1d3 points of Influence and 1 point of Labor.

Famous Dancer: A well-known dancer has heard of your Dance Hall and is making a guest appearance for a limited time! The dancer stays for 1d4 days. Each day the dancer stays, you gain 1d2 points of Influence. If any event causes you to lose Goods or Magic, the dancer leaves and you lose an amount of Labor equal to half the Influence you gained from the dancer’s presence.

Fiendish Skill: One of your best dancers is tainted by evil magic—he’s possessed, was replaced by a shapechanging evil outsider, or something similar—and is preying upon your customers. Spend 5 Magic or use appropriate spells to exorcise the evil presence. If not, you lose 1 point of Influence or Labor (your choice) each day, but the building gains a +10 bonus on checks to generate gp or Magic.

Sweaty Pox: Your employees are all developing fevers and unsightly sores, scaring away and possibly infecting customers. Until you spend 1d6 points of Goods, 1d6 points of Influence, or 1d3 points of Magic to eradicate this problem, your building takes a –5 penalty on checks to generate capital. Each Event phase that this pox persists, there is a 20% chance that your building also gets an infestation (see the Generic Building Events Table on page 114).

Wild Night: Overzealous patrons damage furnishings in a lounge or the main hall. The building takes a –10 penalty on checks to generate capital until repairs costing 1d3 points of Goods and 1d2 points of Labor are made.