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Creating a Haunt

Source GameMastery Guide pg. 243
To make a haunt like the example below, follow these steps.

Step 1—Determine Base CR: A haunt’s base CR is equal to 1 + the level of the spell it duplicates.

Step 2—Determine Actual CR: Select the elements you want the haunt to have and add up the adjustments to its CR to arrive at the haunt’s final CR (see Table 8–2: CR Modifiers for Haunts).

Step 3—Determine Caster Level: A haunt’s caster level is equal to its actual CR score.

Step 4—Determine Hit Points: A haunt’s hit points are equal to twice its CR (or equal to its CR × 4.5 if the haunt is persistent).

Step 5—Calculate Attacks and Save DCs: A haunt’s attack modifier (if one is needed) is equal to its CR. If a haunt’s spell effect allows a saving throw to resist or negate the effect, the save DC is equal to 10 + the level of the spell + the ability modifier of the minimum ability score needed to cast that level of spell.

Table 8-1: CR Modifiers of Haunts

Feature TypeCR Modifier
Notice DCCR Modifier
15 or lower-1
30 or higher+3
Reset TimeCR Modifier
1 minute+2
1 hour+1
1 day+0
1 week-1
Example WeaknessesCR Modifier
Slow (manifests at Initiative rank 0)-2
Susceptible to an additional type of damage type-1 per additional type
Tricked by hide from undead-2
Tricked by invisibility-1
Tricked by Stealth*-3
Triggered by touch-2
* The haunt makes a caster level check instead of a Perception check to notice someone using Stealth.