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Creating Contracts

Source Book of the Damned pg. 203
Once terms have been agreed to, a devil has to create the infernal contract. Contract devils have the easiest time of this, making use of their infernal contract ability to instantly generate such a document. Devils of demigod-level power can likewise instantly call tailor-made infernal contracts into being as though they also had the infernal contract ability, though the effects they can create prove more potent and variable. Other devils can also produce infernal contracts but might have to employ less immediate techniques.

Barring any extraordinary circumstances, most devils with the greater teleport ability know a place they can go to have an infernal contract created. This might involve opening a portal back to Hell, finding a contract devil lurking on the same mortal world, or other means. In any case, the devil can use this method to have an infernal contract made to meet its needs. However, doing so takes time. The Creation Time entry listed in each contract’s description notes how long it takes for most common devils to have an infernal contract of that kind produced. This represents a combination of the devil’s travel time, its influence in negotiating with other devils, the detail put into the contract’s creation, and the time it takes to return. At the end of this period—unless the mortal has done something extraordinary to hide himself— the devil returns with a contract.

Although most devils cannot instantly create an infernal contract, there are those that see the value of such an ability and develop the talent over ages of study. This exceptional training, which takes place deep within the Fallen Fastness of Dis, the sunken libraries of Stygia, or the other blasphemous vaults of Hell, manifests as the Infernal Legist feat.