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Crafting Magic Items

Source Pathfinder Unchained pg. 154
Scrolls, wands, and magic items can be crafted using esoteric components. This increases the cost of the item accordingly. If a wizard expends 56 gp worth of prismatic sand while creating a scroll of black tentacles, that spell gains the greater component effect when cast from the scroll. For a staff or wand, the creator must make the same decision for all castings of a particular spell and pay the full price for each. He can’t make a wand with 30 charges of cure light wounds and 20 charges of cure light wounds with the greater component effect, but can spend an additional 100 gp to give all the charges the greater component effect (for a CL 1st wand). In a game that uses mandatory components, magic item crafting becomes much more expensive since each casting of the spell requires spending components. A wand of burning hands would cost a minimum of 800 gp (750 gp + 1 gp per charge).