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Bardic College Events

Source Ultimate Campaign pg. 116
01-10Visiting master
26-30Roll of the Magical Academy Events table
31-50Supply shortage
51-60Hazardous stage
61-70Stolen instrument
70-75Failing adept
85-95Adept student
96-100Hazing gone wrong

Adept Student: Harnessing your newest protege’s remarkable talent requires extra attention from you, lest a rival college steal her away. If you spend 1d2 points of Influence per day for 1d6 days, the student remains at your school. Otherwise, the student leaves, you lose 1d6 points of Influence, and the building generates half the normal amount of capital for 1d6 days.

Failing Adept: A favored student is getting bad grades in all of his classes, and you must do some creative bookkeeping to keep him at the school. Attempt a DC 30 Bluff, Diplomacy, or Intimidate check to convince the instructors to give him another chance. Failure means you lose 1d6 points of Influence.

Hazardous Stage: The college’s stage needs renovations. You must spend 1 point of Labor or succeed at a DC 15 Craft (carpentry) check to make sure reconstruction goes smoothly. If you don’t, a student breaks through the stage floor during rehearsal, costing you 1 point of Labor and halving the capital the building generates for 1d6 days.

Hazing Gone Wrong: This is the same as the event of this name on Magical Academy Events.

Prodigy: One of your students turns out to be a prodigy. You gain 1d4 points of Influence, and the building gains a +10 bonus on its next check to generate capital.

Stolen Instrument: One student’s valuable instrument has been stolen right before an important performance. If you succeed at a DC 30 Perform check, you find a suitable replacement and offers from investors gain you 1d3 points of Goods. Otherwise, you lose 1d3 points of Influence.

Supply Shortage: A shortage in teaching supplies makes it difficult for instructors to do their jobs. You lose 1d6 points of Goods and Labor, divided as you see fit.

Vandalism: Someone has defaced your curtains with obscenities on opening night. You may spend 1d6 points of Goods and Influence, divided as you see fit, to fix the curtains. If you don’t, you must succeed at a DC 25 Perform check to create a memorable performance that makes the audience forget the curtains. Failure means many guests are offended and demand refunds, and the amount of capital the building generates is halved for 1d6+1 days.

Visiting Master: A famous traveling bard has offered to teach your students for a week. For 7 days, you may trade Goods, Influence, and Labor on a 1-for-1 basis.