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Undead Hunter

Undead Hunter CR 15

Source NPC Codex pg. 21
XP 51,200
Half-orc barbarian 16
N Medium humanoid (human, orc)
Init +1; Senses darkvision 60 ft.; Perception +20


AC 16, touch 9, flat-footed 15 (+7 armor, +1 Dex, –2 rage)
hp 237 (16d12+128)
Fort +19, Ref +8, Will +11; +6 vs. spells and supernatural or spell-like abilities, +4 vs. enchantments
Defensive Abilities improved uncanny dodge, indomitable will, orc ferocity, trap sense +5; DR 4/—; Immune frightened, nauseated, shaken, sickened


Speed 30 ft.
Melee +1 disruption heavy flail +26/+21/+16/+11 (1d10+13/17–20) or +1 merciful heavy flail +26/+21/+16/+11 (1d10+1d6+13 nonlethal/17–20)
Ranged +1 undead-bane composite longbow +18/+13/+8/+3 (1d8+9/×3)
Special Attacks greater rage (38 rounds/day), rage powers (clear mind, fearless rage, internal fortitude, intimidating glare, no escape, quick reflexes, superstition +6, terrifying howl [DC 26])


During Combat The barbarian hunts undead, using both his +1 disruption heavy flail and his bow. Against the living, he uses intimidating glare and terrifying howl, then switches to his +1 merciful heavy flail and utilizes Exhausting Criticals and trip maneuvers to take enemies out of the fight without killing them.
Base Statistics When not raging, the barbarian’s statistics are AC 18, touch 11, flat-footed 17; hp 189; Fort +16, Will +8; no bonus vs. spells and spell-like or supernatural abilities, no bonus vs. enchantments; Melee +1 disruption heavy flail +23/+18/+13/+8 (1d10+8/17–20) or +1 merciful heavy flail +23/+18/+13/+8 (1d10+1d6+8 nonlethal/17–20); Ranged +1 undead-bane composite longbow +18/+13/+8/+3 (1d8+6/×3); Str 20, Con 18; CMB +21 (+25 trip); CMD 32 (34 vs. trip); Skills Climb +17, Swim +7.


Str 26, Dex 12, Con 24, Int 14, Wis 12, Cha 8
Base Atk +16; CMB +24 (+28 trip); CMD 33 (35 vs. trip)
Feats Combat Expertise, Critical Focus, Exhausting Critical, Greater Trip, Improved Critical (heavy flail), Improved Trip, Tiring Critical, Weapon Focus (heavy flail)
Skills Acrobatics +16 (+20 when jumping), Climb +20, Intimidate +20, Knowledge (religion) +15, Perception +20, Ride +1, Stealth +11, Survival +10, Swim +10
Languages Abyssal, Common, Draconic, Orc
SQ fast movement, orc blood, weapon familiarity
Combat Gear potion of cure serious wounds, potion of lesser restoration, silversheen, alchemical silver arrows (20), cold iron arrows (20), holy water (2); Other Gear +1 chainmail, +1 disruption heavy flail, +1 merciful heavy flail, +1 undead-bane composite longbow (+8 Str), belt of physical perfection +2, cloak of resistance +2, 2 gp

Whether encountered alone or in a group of like-minded individuals, undead hunters let no one stand in the way of their grim work.

Torain Mirno

The last survivor of a half-orc tribe exterminated by a necromancer, Torain has devoted his life to cleansing the world of the taint of the unliving. His studious nature is a rarity among half-orcs, particularly in light of the savagery he unleashes upon the deathless hordes. While some hail him as a hero, his endless war has all but extinguished his sense of compassion and mercy.

Combat Encounters: Torain strikes hard and fast against those he believes serve undead or necromantic masters, often killing them before asking questions.

Roleplaying Suggestions: Between undead hunts, Torain holds silent vigils in a cemeteries and mausoleums, acting as a fierce and watchful warden against the rising dead.