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Champion of Magic

Champion of Magic CR 12

Source NPC Codex pg. 222
XP 19,200
Gnome paladin of Torag 2/sorcerer 7/eldritch knight 4
LG Small humanoid (gnome)
Init –1; Senses low-light vision, see invisibility; Perception +12


AC 21, touch 12, flat-footed 21 (+8 armor, +2 deflection, –1 Dex, +1 natural, +1 size)
hp 134 (2d10+7d6+4d10+72)
Fort +15, Ref +6, Will +13; +2 vs. illusions
Defensive Abilities defensive training (+4 dodge bonus to AC vs. giants); DR 10/adamantine (130 points)


Speed 15 ft.
Melee +1 warhammer +14/+9 (1d6+5/×3)
Special Attacks +1 on attack rolls against goblinoid and reptilian humanoids, smite evil (+3 attack and AC, +2 damage)
Spell-Like Abilities (CL 13th; concentration +16)
1/day—dancing lights, ghost sound, prestidigitation, speak with animals
Paladin Spell-Like Abilities (CL 2nd; concentration +5)
At will—detect evil
Sorcerer Spells Known (CL 10th; concentration +13; arcane spell failure 15%)
5th (3/day)—wall of force
4th (5/day)—dimension door, resilient sphere (DC 17), stoneskin
3rd (7/day)—dispel magic, displacement, fly, heroism
2nd (7/day)—darkvision, invisibility, scorching ray, see invisibility, web (DC 15)
1st (7/day)—comprehend languages, enlarge person, identify, magic missile, shield, true strike
0 (at will)—arcane mark, dancing lights, detect magic, disrupt undead, mending, prestidigitation, ray of frost, read magic, resistance
Bloodline arcane


Before Combat The eldritch knight casts see invisibility and stoneskin.
During Combat The eldritch knights separates large groups with a wall of force, then attacks opponents outside of the wall before passing through it with dimension door to finish off the remainder of his assailants.
Base Statistics Without see invisibility and stoneskin, the eldritch knight’s statistics are Senses low-light vision; DR none.


Str 14, Dex 8, Con 18, Int 12, Wis 10, Cha 17
Base Atk +9; CMB +10; CMD 21
Feats Arcane Armor Mastery, Arcane Armor Training, Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Eschew Materials, Extra Lay on Hands, Power Attack, Still Spell, Toughness, Weapon Focus (warhammer), Weapon Specialization (warhammer)
Skills Craft (armor) +10, Diplomacy +9, Heal +5, Knowledge (arcana, religion) +9, Perception +12, Spellcraft +9, Use Magic Device +11
Languages Common, Draconic, Gnome, Sylvan
SQ arcane bond (+1 warhammer), aura, bloodline arcana (+1 DC for spells augmented by metamagic feats that increase spell level), code of conduct, diverse training, lay on hands (1d6, 6/day), metamagic adept (2/day)

These eldritch knights seek out evil spellcasters and dispense justice for their misdeeds.

Melkallan Truespell

Believing magic to be a gift from the gods, Melkallan hates to see it misused by the wicked and the power-hungry. He uses his magic to protect the innocent, and to stop evil spellcasters who would enslave and terrorize.

Combat Encounters: Preferring the company of paladins and the agents of good deities, Melkallan joins any crusade that promises to bring evil spellcasters to justice. While his heart is pure and his zealous fervor is admirable, the gnome unfortunately adheres to rather stringent beliefs regarding the acceptable use of magic, and may command those he deems "unworthy" to cease casting immediately or face the consequences. Parties using magic for anything less than a crusade on behalf of a righteous lord or the common people—perhaps using it for mundane adventuring, looting, mercenary work, and so on—all risk running afoul of his long-winded judgments (and long-handled warhammer).

Roleplaying Suggestions: Melkallan is friendly and helpful to all, especially common people, but becomes unyielding and focused when he encounters any form of injustice.