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Averaka Giant Slayer

Averaka Giant Slayer CR 7

Source Inner Sea NPC Codex pg. 10
XP 3,200
Half-orc ranger 8
CN Medium humanoid (human, orc)
Init +2; Senses darkvision 60 ft.; Perception +12


AC 20, touch 13, flat-footed 18 (+7 armor, +1 deflection, +2 Dex)
hp 80 (8d10+32)
Fort +9, Ref +9, Will +4
Defensive Abilities orc ferocity


Speed 20 ft.
Melee mwk falchion +13/+8 (2d4+6/18–20) or longspear +12/+7 (1d8+6/×3)
Ranged mwk composite longbow +11/+6 (1d8+4/×3)
Special Attacks favored enemy (giants +4, humans +2)
Ranger Spells Prepared (CL 5th; concentration +6)
1st—entangle (DC 12), longstrider


Str 18, Dex 14, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 12, Cha 8
Base Atk +8; CMB +12; CMD 25
Feats Deadly Aim, Endurance, Improved Precise Shot, Point-Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Rapid Shot, Toughness
Skills Climb +10, Heal +5, Intimidate +6, Knowledge (geography) +8, Knowledge (nature) +11, Perception +12, Ride +3, Stealth +10, Survival +12, Swim +5
Languages Common, Orc
SQ favored terrain (cold +4, mountain +2), hunter’s bond (companions), orc blood, swift tracker, track +4, weapon familiarity, wild empathy +7, woodland stride
Combat Gear +1 flaming arrows (4), +1 giant-bane arrows (5), scroll of cure moderate wounds, scroll of resist energy, acid (2), alchemist’s fire (2); Other Gear +1 breastplate, longspear, mwk composite longbow with 30 arrows, mwk falchion, cloak of resistance +1, ring of protection +1, mistletoe, spell component pouch, 58 gp

On the isle of Flintyreach amid the Ironbound Archipelago of the Steaming Sea, half-orcs from across Avistan have built a community to call their own: Averaka. Though the inhabitants of Averaka have set aside the most self-destructive behaviors of their orc ancestors, they remain fierce and deadly warriors. Amid the mountains in the island’s interior, however, lurk a great threat to this community: hill giants, ettins, and trolls, both in independent clans and under the sway of the hill giant war chief Gorgnak. Thus the half-orcs who call Averaka home have dedicated themselves to the eradication of their violent, monstrous neighbors. Some believe such channeling and focusing of their aggression represents the human side of the half-orcs winning out over the bloodthirsty instincts of their orc blood, though a few worry about where that aggression might be pointed next if they manage to defeat their giant enemies.

While as proud as any Ulfen of the Linnorm Kings, the half-orcs of Averaka welcome anyone who shares their hate of giants and acknowledges their right to selfrule. A handful of dwarves and humans call Averaka home as well, but most inhabitants not of orc descent find the town’s chaotic mix of customs unsettling.

One of the easiest ways to arouse the ire of an Averaka giant slayer is by associating or consorting with giants and their kin. No allowance is given for supposedly friendly or tame giants, even benevolent cloud and storm giants. Beyond this, voicing any doubt about the wisdom of a half-orc community will also result in a tongue-lashing and often a harsh beating from any resident of Averaka who overhears.

Would-be giant slayers from across Golarion make pilgrimages to Averaka to learn from the dedicated half-orcs there, though such tutelage generally lasts only a few months at the most unless the pupil decides to settle in Averaka and take up the residents’ cause.