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Whisper and Shadow

Source Carnival of Tears pg. 12
Aura moderate illusion CL 10th
Slot weapon; Price 12,310 gp; Weight


12,310 gp is the price for each sword in the pair.

These cruel, paired +1 cold iron shortswords where once wielded by the Doom Bringers at the end of the First World and were thought to be lost. Recently, pairs of these blades have emerged once more, finding their way into the hands of men and elves. Most sages consider their reappearance a dark omen, though only the most erudite even know these weapons’ true origins. When you use Whisper and Shadow in tandem you gain the Two Weapon Fighting feat (even if you do not qualify for it).

Additionally, three times per day, Whisper may be used to cast silence (CL 10th, DC 20). Three times per day, Shadow may be used to cast invisibility (CL 10th), or the blade itself can be turned invisible for one round, making it incredibly difficult to parry and dodge. If your opponent cannot see invisible objects and does not succeed on a DC 25 Spot check to follow your arm motions, he is considered flat-footed against all your attacks with Shadow that round.


Requirements Craft Magic Arms and Armor, invisibility, silence; Price 6,155 gp, 480 XP