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Sparkfly Crystal Arrow

Source Elves of Golarion pg. 23
Aura weak evocation CL 3rd
Slot weapon quality; Price +1 bonus; Weight


The fat crystal head of this arrow contains tiny motes of light; on closer scrutiny, they are actually tiny glowing insects similar to fireflies, held in stasis. When the arrow hits a target, it shatters the crystal and releases the insects, which distract the target with their aggressive flight. The creature takes a –1 penalty on attacks and checks for the next minute or until they rid themselves of the flying pests (such as by diving into water, suffering a damaging area attack, and so on). The lights reduce a target’s concealment by one step (turning a 50% miss chance from total concealment into a 20% miss chance from concealment, and concealment into no concealment at all).


Requirements Craft Magic Arms and Armor, faerie fire; Price