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Smuggler's Sling

Source Giant Hunter's Handbook pg. 29
Aura faint conjuration CL 5th
Slot none; Price 5,300 gp; Weight


Smuggler’s slings are favored in Chu Ye, where they are employed by freedom fighters sneaking contraband weapons past oni slave masters. The wielder of this +1 sling gains a +5 competence bonus on Sleight of Hand checks to conceal the sling. Up to five times per day, the wearer can load the sling with a conjured bullet as a swift action. A conjured bullet counts as magical for the purposes of overcoming damage reduction and attacking incorporeal creatures, but is otherwise a standard sling bullet. This bullet must be fired by the end of the round or it vanishes.


Requirements Craft Magic Arms and Armor, reloading handsUC; Price 2,650 gp