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Leng Flail

Source Melee Tactics Toolbox pg. 25
Aura moderate transmutation (lesser) or moderate transmutation and enchantment (greater) CL 6th
Slot none; Price lesser (8,315 gp), greater (50,315 gp); Weight 10 lbs.


The immense and inscrutable Leng spiders are known to construct makeshift flails by linking nearby debris, such as rocks or skulls, with their own extruded web fibers. Although this organic webbing typically degrades over time, skillful alchemy can preserve one of these weapons indefinitely.

A lesser Leng flail is a +1 heavy flail that allows its wielder to use spider climb at will. Much less common are greater Leng flails, which are +2 throwing heavy flails that have the same spider climb ability of the lesser flail. In addition, when the wielder of a greater Leng flail confirms a critical hit against a creature, the target suffers horrific hallucinations for 1d4 rounds, becoming confused (Will DC 19 negates). This is a mind-affecting effect.


Requirements Craft Magic Arms and Armor; spider climb (lesser) or confusion, magic stone, spider climb (greater); Price 4,315 gp (lesser), 25,315 gp (greater)