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Source Pathfinder #27: What Lies in Dust pg. 55
Aura moderate divination CL 6th
Slot none; Price 22,375 gp; Weight 4 lbs.


Felhart is a +2 bane longbow crafted from the fiercely carved horns of at least two venerable stags and strung with a cord laced with silver. The designated foe that its bane effect functions against varies, being determined by the creature a wielder hates the most when the bow is first picked up (as decided upon by the GM). This bane effect remains the same for a wielder, regardless of how many times he’s used the bow. Thus, for one user it might be a +2 bane vs. humanoids (humans) longbow, while for another it might be a +2 bane vs. dragons longbow. A wielder can do nothing to change the bow’s bane effect.

In addition, once per week, felhart’s wielder can summon a reliable steed as per the spell mount. This creature takes the form of a lean, swift white elk that, despite its almost ghostly appearance, possesses the same statistics as a horse. This creature allows felhart’s wielder to ride it, and serves loyally for up to 5 hours, vanishing at the end of this time. The mount will not allow any creature beside felhart’s wielder to ride it unless the weapon’s bearer succeeds at a DC 16 Handle Animal check. Even if this check succeeds, the mount only allows another rider to ride along with the weapon bearer. The elk never allows a strange rider to ride it alone.


Requirements Craft Magic Arms and Armor, true strike; Price 11,187 gp