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Feast of Rats

Source Blood of Shadows pg. 23
Aura strong evocation and illusion CL 19th
Slot none; Price 45,125 gp; Weight varies


A swarm of shadowy rats clump together to form this +1 stalkingUE light melee shadowcraft weapon. Three times per day, the wielder can throw the weapon into one square within 10 feet while speaking a command word, causing the weapon to disperse into a shadowy haze that functions as fog cloud. Each round, any creature within the fog cloud takes 1d6 points of damage and must succeed at a DC 19 Fortitude saving throw or become nauseated for 1 round. This effect lasts for 1 minute, after which the weapon returns to its previous form. Alternatively, any time before the effect’s duration ends, the wielder can spend a move action while adjacent to the fog cloud to return the weapon to its previous form, dismissing the effect and returning the weapon to her hand.

A feast of rats can be used as an unholy symbol divine focus of Lao Shu Po, the Old Rat Woman.


Requirements Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Create Reliquary Arms and ShieldsUM, deeper darkness, fog cloud, major creation, shadow weaponUM; Price 22,712 gp