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Buoyant Harpoon

Source People of the North pg. 28
Aura faint transmutation CL 5th
Slot none; Price 8,305 gp; Weight 16 lbs.


Commonly used by Erutaki hunters and whalers, this +1 harpoonUC is wrapped in fur, and several small gourds dangle from the weapon and the rope attached to it. If the wielder uses the harpoon to successfully grapple a creature, he can, as a swift action, command the harpoon to hinder the creature’s movement. The grappled creature must succeed at a DC 14 Will save or be slowed (as the slow spell) and forced to surface if underwater, remaining unable to submerge for the duration of the effect. The slow effect lasts until the grappled condition ends. Hunters often decorate their harpoons in colorful baubles to help them stand out in icy waters, but these adornments don’t impact the weapon’s buoyancy.


Requirements Craft Magic Arms and Armor, levitate, slow; Price 4,305 gp