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Blade of the Willing Martyr

Source Seekers of Secrets pg. 56
Aura strong necromancy CL 18th
Slot chest; Price 150,000 gp; Weight 1 lb.


Even the Pathfinders cannot say which tale of this item’s origins is true; it may have been made from a piece of the Pact Stone, carried by Norgorber as he achieved apotheosis, or forged in the depths of Orv and quenched in its maker’s heartblood. This silver slender athame is deceptively plain, but has a treacherous past. It has been credited with deeds as noble as ending the life of the annis witch Traxyla of the Eye of Law (slain even as the blade’s owner Ioella was beheaded by Madame Margaery) and as petty as the murder of Karian (loving mother and priestess of Sarenrae) by her estranged and vengeful husband.

The blade of the willing martyr is a +3 keen vicious dagger, but its greatest power can only be invoked outside of battle. To activate this power you must spill your blood on your target, an object belonging to the target, or a physical token of the target’s body (such as a few strands of hair). Your target gets a DC 23 Will save (using the same saving throw modifiers as the scrying spell for the owner’s knowledge and connection to the victim) to avoid the effect, which forges a link between you and the target.

Once you forge a link, your soul and the target’s soul are intertwined. Should you die, your target dies, suffering the same apparent injuries and symptoms; likewise, you die if your target dies. The link may only be severed by break enchantment or remove curse.


Requirements Craft Magic Arms and Armor, enervation, keen edge, symbol of death; Price 75,000 gp