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Lasirro's Staff

Source Lost Treasures pg. 38
Aura strong varies CL 15th
Slot none; Price 240,000 gp; Weight 5 lbs.


Lasirro’s staff is a variant staff of power (Pathfinder RPG Ultimate Equipment 199) that allows the wielder to cast a wide range of spells.
  • Fireball (heightened to 5th level; 1 charge)
  • Flame arrow (1 charge)
  • Invisibility (1 charge)
  • Knock (1 charge)
  • Nondetection (1 charge)
  • Widened fog cloud (1 charge)
  • Break enchantment (2 charges)
  • Greater dispel magic (2 charges)
  • Repulsion (2 charges)
  • Wall of force (in a 10-foot-diameter hemisphere around the caster only; 2 charges)
Lasirro’s Staff is a +2 quarterstaff that grants its wielder a +2 luck bonus to AC and on saving throws. Like a staff of power, it can be intentionally broken by its wielder as a retributive strike. Doing so is a standard action. All creatures and objects within 20 feet of the broken staff take 20 points of damage per charge, those within 40 feet take 15 points of damage per charge, and those within 60 feet take 10 points of damage per charge. Anyone affected who succeeds at a DC 17 Reflex save takes only half damage, though the wielder is always destroyed.

The retributive strike destroys the staff, although it reforms on the anniversary of Lasirro’s death 10d10 years later somewhere on the Material Plane within 100 miles of one of Lasirro’s descendants.


Requirements Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Craft Staff, Heighten Spell, Widen Spell, break enchantment, fireball, flame arrow, greater dispel magic, invisibility, knock, nondetection, repulsion, wall of force; Cost 120,000 gp