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Scepter of Divine Providence

Source Pathfinder #94: Ice Tomb of the Giant Queen pg. 38
Aura strong (no school) CL 17th
Slot none; Price 17,312 gp; Weight 5 lbs.


This iron rod is crowned with a metallic sphere and functions as a +1 heavy mace. In the hands of a divine spellcaster, the rod also counts as a holy or unholy symbol and divine focus. If the wielder of a scepter of divine providence has the channel energy class feature, she can increase the radius of her channeled energy burst by 10 feet, at the cost of one additional use of her channel energy ability. The wielder can expend additional uses of her channel energy ability to further expand the burst radius, to a maximum of 30 additional feet.


Requirements Craft Rod, Widen Spell, creator must have the channel energy class feature; Cost 8,812 gp