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Rod of Gripping Smoke

Source Pathfinder #87: The Choking Tower pg. 61
Aura moderate transmutation CL 11th
Slot neck; Price 15,000 gp; Weight 6 lbs.


One half of this rod is made of gray, semisolid fog, while the other half glows from within as if filled with flickering embers. A rod of gripping smoke acts as a +1 ghost touch light mace. Three times per day, as the wielder casts a spell that creates fog or smoke, it can make the effect particularly cloying, causing the area of the spell to count as difficult terrain. This ability can’t modify fog or smoke spells that already specifically impede movement (like solid fog).

Additionally, three times per day as a move action, the wielder of a rod of gripping smoke can point the rod at any single target within an area of fog, mist, smoke, or similar vapor within 60 feet (including the area of foglike spells such as cloudkill or incendiary cloud) and cause the vapor to tighten around that target. The wielder attempts a disarm, grapple, or steal combat maneuver at a +16 bonus against the target’s CMD. This combat maneuver doesn’t provoke an attack of opportunity. If the check to disarm succeeds, the disarmed weapon falls in a random square adjacent to the target. If the check to grapple succeeds, the target gains the grappled condition for 1 round. While grappled in this way, the victim can’t move without first breaking the grapple (CMD 26). If the check to steal succeeds, the stolen item lands in a random square adjacent to the target; unless the target succeeds at a DC 20 Perception check at the time the item is stolen, it doesn’t realize the item is missing until it either leaves the affected area or attempts to use or retrieve the item.


Requirements Craft Rod, solid fog, telekinesis; Cost 7,500 gp