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Recondite Rod

Source Psychic Anthology pg. 8
Aura strong (no school) CL 17th
Slot none; Price 5,000 gp (lesser), 18,000 gp (normal), 40,500 gp (greater); Weight 5 lbs.


This odd, 2-foot-long rod appears to be made out of solidified ectoplasm shot through with energy that pulses brightly at regular intervals, almost like a heartbeat. Three times per day, this rod allows its wielder to cast a psychic spell that could be undercast (such as ego whip or mind thrust) at 1 level higher, even if the wielder doesn’t know the higher-level spell or can’t cast spells of that level. The spell uses the same spell slot and save DC as that of the lower-level spell, but creates the effects of the higher-level spell. For example, the wielder could use this rod to cast mind thrust I, with the effect of mind thrust II. This rod can’t be used to cast the highest-level spell of a particular group. The wielder must the able to cast the lower-level spell to use this rod. Using this rod is part of the action of casting the modified spell. A lesser recondite rod can be used with spells of 3rd level or lower. A recondite rod can be used with spells of 6th level or lower. A greater recondite rod can be used with spells of 8th level or lower.


Requirements Craft Rod, Empower Spell, the creator must know at least one spell that can be undercast; Cost 2,500 gp (lesser), 9,000 gp (normal), 20,250 gp (greater)