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Forked Rod

Source Planar Adventures pg. 51
Aura moderate divination CL 9th
Slot none; Price 50,000 gp; Weight 3 lbs.


This bifurcated mithral rod resembles an oversized tuning fork. The forked rod acts as a focus for plane shift, but the plane to which it is attuned to can be adjusted as a standard action—a forked rod can be attuned to any plane that a common tuning fork (see plane shift) can be attuned to. Once per day, a forked rod can be used to cast plane shift to the plane it is currently attuned to. Three times per day as a standard action, the user can attack a creature or object with a forked rod as if it were a +1 light mace. On a hit, the forked rod deals no damage, but affects the target with dimensional anchor for 9 minutes. As long as a target is affected in this way, the forked rod is inert and cannot be used to cast plane shift, as a focus for plane shift, or to affect another target with dimensional anchor.


Requirements Craft Rod, dimensional anchor, plane shift; Cost 25,000 gp