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Society Ring

Source Villain Codex pg. 201
Aura faint abjuration, divination, illusion, and transmutation CL 5th
Slot ring; Price 8,000 gp; Weight


The flat bezel of this signet ring is typically set with a semiprecious gem. If the wearer of the ring is successfully inducted into a group or organization through an initiation ritual, the ring becomes attuned to that organization and wearer. A suitable initiation ritual takes at least 10 minutes and at the very least involves a pledge of allegiance to the group or organization, but it can take a variety of forms. The crest or symbol of the organization appears engraved on the gem, and the ring becomes invisible (as per invisibility) and hidden from scrying effects (as per obscure object) to all except those who also wear society rings attuned to the same organization (referred to below as “similar rings”). Creatures that are capable of seeing invisible objects, such as via see invisibility, can still perceive a society ring.

Once attuned, the society ring’s wearer can communicate with wearers of similar rings within 150 feet (as per message). It also grants +10 competence bonuses on Bluff checks to pass secret messages to members of the attuned organization and Sense Motive checks to receive secret messages from them. In addition, if the wearer touches his society ring to a similar ring, for the following hour, the wearer can sense the direction and distance to that ring, as well as any conditions affecting its wearer (as per status). Only one ring at a time can be linked in this way; if the wearer touches his ring to another similar ring within the duration of the effect, the status effect switches to the most recently touched ring.

If a society ring is worn or carried by a creature other than the attuned wearer, the ring silently alerts attuned ring wearers from the same organization within 1 mile (as per alarm), does not display the crest or symbol of the attuned organization, and glows with a red aura visible only to wearers of similar rings. A new owner can end this effect by becoming initiated into any organization, at which point the ring attunes to the new wearer and organization.


Requirements Forge Ring, alarm, hidden speechAPG, invisibility, message, obscure object, status, creator must have at least 10 ranks in both Bluff and Sense Motive; Cost 4,000 gp