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Rings of Bondage, Greater

Source Ultimate Intrigue pg. 242
Aura moderate enchantment CL 11th
Slot ring; Price 42,000 gp; Weight


These specialized rings function as rings of bondage, but a command imposed by the wearer of the master ring (including a mutual agreement affecting both wearers) takes 10 minutes to activate, is permanent, and functions as geas/quest, except a DC 16 Will save still negates it.

In addition, the wearer of the master ring gains a continuous sanctuary (DC 16) effect against the wearer of the servant ring, with a save required for every attack the servant makes against the master (including area attacks, but no save is required when directing allies or controlled creatures to attack the wearer); a failed save prevents only that single attack. Each time the servant successfully attacks the master, he must succeed at a second DC 16 Will save or be affected as bestow curse.


Requirements Forge Ring, bestow curse, detect thoughts, geas/quest, sanctuary, share languageAPG, status; Cost 21,000 gp