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Fool's Malady

Source Villain Codex pg. 33
Aura faint transmutation CL 3rd
Slot ring; Price 900 gp; Weight


This simple lead ring is carved with a twisting face. When worn, the ring causes a wearer to develop a single deformity over the course of 1 minute. The exact malformation is determined when the ring is forged and can’t be changed. It modifies the wearer’s appearance rather than changing it entirely; those familiar with her normal appearance can easily recognize her in the modified form. Many of these rings mimic the symptoms of terrible diseases, while others mimic birth conditions, extensive scarring, or tattoos.

If the creature wearing a fool’s malady already has the deformity the ring mimics, the ring instead removes all visual traces of the condition. The ring does not remove any pain or penalties associated with the condition.


Requirements Forge Ring, alter self; Cost