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Vicious Link

Source Path of the Hellknight pg. 21
Aura strong conjuration CL 20th
Slot none; Price —; Weight 400 lbs.


Said to have been gifted by Dispater himself to Order of the Gate founder Sheel Leroung, the vicious link is a weighty but portable portal that connects to one of the planes’ portal hubs. Anyone who speaks the command word and passes through this 7-foot-tall frame of scarred iron instantly appears just beyond a similar arc on the Isle of Seven Chains in the Maelstrom. The portal on the opposite side operates in the same fashion, but is immobile.

Beyond the portal, the Isle of Seven Chains is a meteorlike ball of crumbling bricks and ancient, rusted metal. Tethered to it are several orbiting ruins, the most prominent of which bear soulgates connecting to Axis, Dis, the Elemental Plane of Water, the sahkil tormentor Dachzerul’s realm on the Ethereal Plane, a supposedly empty rift within the Abyss, a shulsaga holy site on the Astral Plane called the Ring of Candles, and a moon on the Material Plane that features mercury seas. Within recent centuries, the very similar, chain-linked black towers known as the Ashstaves were erected here. Known as the Shackled Tower and the Cage of Tomes, these spires now serve as the home of the Order of the Gate’s eldest member, Sheel Leroung, who advises his successors still.

The Isle of Seven Chains has become a secret shared by the vicarius of the Order of the Gate and his most worthy lieutenants. From here, they seek to learn more of the multiverse and collect magical relics that might aid them in furthering their goals upon Golarion. The danger of the planes is well known, though; thus far, only a handful of veteran Hellknights have been allowed to explore the island, and even fewer have ventured to the lands beyond.


The vicious link must be transported to the Isle of Seven Chains and thrown through its immobile, paired arch. This destroys both portals.