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The Moaning Diamond

Source Ultimate Equipment pg. 338, Advanced Player's Guide pg. 317, Artifacts and Legends pg. 31
Aura overwhelming transmutation CL 20th
Slot none; Price —; Weight 4 lbs.


The Moaning Diamond appears to be an uncut diamond the size of a human fist. At all times, it gives forth a baleful moaning, as if wailing in pain. Despite the disturbing noise, the Moaning Diamond is not evil. Three times per day, the bearer can call upon its power to reshape earth and stone as if by the spell stone shape, affecting 5,000 cubic feet of material. Once per day the Moaning Diamond can also summon an elder earth elemental with maximum hit points that serves the caster until it is slain; only one such elemental can be summoned at a time.


The Moaning Diamond can be smashed by the combined power of three elemental princes, one each from the Planes of Air, Fire, and Water. Even then, the dust must be cast into a place where it will never fall upon stone.