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The Doom Idol of Ib

Source Pathfinder #111: Dreams of the Yellow King pg. 31
Aura strong abjuration CL 20th
Slot none; Price —; Weight 80 lbs.


This sea-green statue is 18 inches tall and 12 inches wide, and depicts a muscular iguana with bulging eyes and a beard of tentacles underneath its jaw. The idol always appears wet and constantly drips water.

The bearer of the Doom Idol of Ib is immune to Wisdom damage and confusion effects, although picking up the idol does not restore lost Wisdom or remove an ongoing confusion effect. Once per day, the bearer can use horrid wilting as a spell-like ability, using her own Hit Dice as the caster level of the effect, but the bearer must include herself among the spell’s targets.

The once-living, inhuman residents of the ruined city of Ib have a preternatural connection to the Doom Idol of Ib. Ib shades—ghosts of the past inhabitants of Ib—instinctively know the distance and direction to the Doom Idol of Ib, so long as it is on the same plane. The enigmatic creatures relentlessly pursue the idol, attempting to recover it and return it to their ruined city.


The Doom Idol of Ib must be smashed against Bokrug’s hide when the Great Old One is at least a mile from any natural body of water.